Atlanta Black Chambers Leadership

Dr. Calvin Ellison, PHD, ND, CNC

V. P. Community Affairs
CEO, Ellison International

Dr. Calvin Ellison is an Author, Entrepreneur, Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Global Wellness Trailblazer, and Marriage and Men’s Advisor.

He builds networks that partners with state agencies, colleges, universities, businesses, and the criminal justice system. He is the Founder and CEO of Success Dynamics, Inc. and Advantage Green, Inc.; as well as the Founder of the Men Magnifying Manhood movement, and the Founder of the Ryzer Generation: A Rites of Passage Program. He is also the Vice-president for Community Affairs of the Atlanta Black Chambers of Commerce, Board member of Clayton County Library Foundation, Board member Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, and a Community Liaison for the Georgia State University Breast Cancer Initiative.

Dr. Ellison has been a constant presenter at community colleges, universities, and businesses on various topics from Health and Wellness, Community Engagement, and Personal and Professional Growth. He has worked with such groups as the NC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (as its State-Wide Coordinator of two Health Programs), the Town of Farmville, NC as a Health Consultant, the National Kidney Foundation, the Healthy Start Foundation, NCDHHS Women’s Health Branch, Health Departments, CBO’s and Local Churches. Further, he initiated two Regional Initiatives while in NC: the East Coast Restorative Academy (ECRA) for Men and the Community Empowerment Network for community engagement that engaged national and local politicians, state agencies, colleges, and universities.

He and his wife have presented to thousands of married couples and singles nationally and internationally, through seminars, banquets, television, and radio. They have been married for 40 years. He is the author of eleven books and the co-author of five national publications.

You can learn more about Dr. Ellison by visiting her LinkedIn page.

Fun facts about him.
He loves teasing people about being a Dallas Cowboy fan.

What is his role within the Atlanta Black Chambers, and what led him to become involved in this organization?
He is VP of Community Affairs. ABC was recommended to him when he moved from NC.

How does his mission align with the Atlanta Black Chambers works to support Black-owned businesses in the Atlanta area?
It aligns because ABC promotes the growth and development of businesses as he seeks to grow his likewise.

What are some of the key challenges facing Black-owned businesses in the current economic and social climate, and as an exemplary leader of the Atlanta Black Chambers, how he addresses these challenges?
Exposure to markets. He is adventurous about making new contacts and networking.

His three success stories or achievements via his contributions to the Atlanta Black Chambers.
1. Have networked people to networks
2. Have connected with several educational institutions
3. Have motivated colleagues to be more engaging

What are his goals for the future of the Atlanta Black Chambers, and how does he envision the organization evolving to meet the needs of its members and the wider community?

1. To help bring in more members
2. To help create more opportunities for members

He sees ABC helping member get in better shape for opportunities.

Life’s Motto / Powerful Quote.
Make things happen and create New Realities.