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BrandTech helps entrepreneurs with two of their biggest struggles: branding and technology.

March 7, 2019 | Atlanta, GA


The very definition of an entrepreneur means you’re about to attempt to wear many hats that you were never intended to nor qualified to wear. In fact, 66% of small to medium-sized business owners are personally responsible for three or more of the following areas of their business: branding / marketing, IT, sales, operations, finance, human resources, customer service and product development (SalesForce, 2017). Of that list, the Atlanta Black Chambers is well aware that branding and technology are two of the biggest struggles many entrepreneurs have. A study of their membership shows that over 60% of their businesses are not confident that their business is identifiable in the marketplace. Nearly a third of business owners feel that keeping up with technology advances is a major concern, and finally less than two thirds of small businesses even have a website (BlueCorona, 2018).

The Atlanta Black Chambers decided to do something to help these entrepreneurs who are seemingly always strapped for time, money and talent. This May 18th, they will hold their first BrandTech Day at the Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta. They’re targeting one hundred small to medium-sized business owners to invite for a mini-conference day of tailored one-on-one consultations with both branding and tech experts, six hot-topic BrandTech workshops and – of course – be able to peruse the offerings in the BrandTech exhibitor hall. It’s part of an effort by some of Atlanta Black Chambers’ best creative and tech minds to help uplift and inform their fellow entrepreneurs in the city.

Andrea D. Smith, organizer of BrandTech Day and chair of the marketing, communications, advertising and tech committee at Atlanta Black Chambers, said the event is designed to give some much needed assistance for two of every business’s most critical elements.

“After being an entrepreneur myself over the past two years, working to help other entrepreneurs in their own businesses, I noticed a common theme,” Smith said. “Everybody needs help in the beginning but no one ever feels they have the funding needed to pay large agency fees or get practical IT help. Not so. BrandTech Day makes these critical services affordable for the everyday entrepreneur. Everybody can use that break – at least for one day.”

Melvin Coleman, executive director of what’s now one of the largest African-American business organizations in Atlanta ─ The Atlanta Black Chambers – said the business focus makes BrandTech Day different.

“Traditionally, a branding conference would have all branding professionals and an IT conference would attract all the IT professionals – because the objective is to provide professional development opportunities; whereas our objective is to give people some much needed help,” Coleman said.

Attendees will have the opportunity to receive up to three tailored consultations for their business in one day for a nominal fee in order to help better develop their businesses.

ABOUT ATLANTA BLACK CHAMBERS: Establishing sustainable businesses within the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) membership is our number one priority, ensuring member businesses and organizations remain relevant, competitive and sustainable for future generations. Since January 2, 2005, the ABC has been a proactive force throughout the greater Atlanta area.



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