Atlanta Black Chambers Leadership

Ricardo Berrís

Global Opportunities Chair
CEO, MI Group

I’m intentional about adding value to individuals, startups and existing businesses.  

As an entrepreneur, I’m relentless on making a difference in the lives of those I come in contact with. My 20 years of entrepreneurship experience has allowed me to develop a range of skill sets that I used to help others through the ventures I’ve created and managed. As Chair of ABC’s Global Opportunities Committee, I’m helping to advance our members’ ambitions to grow their businesses internationally. Join us!

Fun facts about him.
He enjoys producing music 🎶 and playing golf.

What is his role within the Atlanta Black Chambers, and what led him to become involved in this organization?
As the Chair of the GOC, his role is to facilitate the execution of our mission which is to provide information, education, and access to opportunities around the world for our members through global trade, investments and partnerships. Giving back to the community is one of the best ways he can continue to add value and be a transformative force for our people.

How does his mission align with the Atlanta Black Chambers works to support Black-owned businesses in the Atlanta area?
He has always been intentional about adding value to others. Since he started his entrepreneurship career, his focus has been to transform people and business to better versions of themselves. ABC’s mission to support Black-owned businesses aligns very well with such transformative values.

What are some of the key challenges facing Black-owned businesses in the current economic and social climate, and as an exemplary leader of the Atlanta Black Chambers, how he addresses these challenges?
One of the challenges he has seen faced by Black-owned business is the lack of execution. There’s so much information available to us but at the same time, we lack the necessary resources and skills to apply them to our businesses. As a leader, he wants to change the pattern of information consumption and resource implementation, so our members can grow faster and be more impactful in their businesses and communities. We want to deliver information and resources that are palatable and actionable for members to DO THE DO right away.

His three success stories or achievements via his contributions to the Atlanta Black Chambers.
1) The launch of the Global Opportunities Committee. We’ve never had such a committee before and it’s a huge step forward to build one.
2) Our Global Opportunities Webinar Series continues to be a success with unprecedented numbers of registrations and attendees. So far we’ve had webinars discussing opportunities in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America to follow.
3) Our in-person workshops has also been a success. The most recent workshop featured more than 7 US government agencies that focuses on international business for members interested in exporting their products and services. Over 100 people registered for this event.

What are his goals for the future of the Atlanta Black Chambers, and how does he envision the organization evolving to meet the needs of its members and the wider community?
Our goal is to continue our alignment with the mission of the Atlanta Black Chambers. We are building an impactful programming framework including webinars, workshops, delegations and other signature events to connect and take the organization to the next levels in support of our members. ABC will be recognized as the most powerful global organization based in Atlanta for advancing Black-owned businesses around the world.

Life’s Motto / Powerful Quote.
My choice determines my destiny. Therefore I must be today who I wish to become tomorrow. – Ricardo A. Berrís